Partner 5000 plus heated handles - 5000 plus demo saw in parts complete


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May 9, 2012
I'm ready to get rid of or trade off my last 2 5000's. Just trying to work my way toward a 545 to test out in the end.

The heated handle one has the demo 5000 piston in it. I just never got around to cleaning up the stuck ring area on the piston I pulled out of it. Very small score area. As close to new condition you can get for 30 year old.

The demo 5000 was just that found in a old chainsaw shop. Was a runner till I tore it down for piston. Piston had a carbon streak score ( one line) could hang nail on below ring. Demo had ugly sun bleached top cover. Right now in parts. I have all the covers for this one to have a complete running 5000 plus too.