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Jan 13, 2012
bike givin ya lil stress relief?

not many miles for me so far this yr.
Yessir. Not riding as much as I'd like to so far though. Between bad weather, a bad case of the flu, and other crapola......I haven't had much free time. Last week when the weather was good and I had some time................the dang bike was down waiting for parts.

Clutch slave cylinder, clutch pushrod seal, countershaft seal, and stater cover access plug o-ring all started leaking within a few days of each other. Had to replace (rather than rebuild) the slave cyl, as it had corrosion inside. Replacement was only $75 or so. Got it back together late last week and went for a ride. No mo leaks, and the clutch modulation is much better than before.

Also swapped on a 16 tooth countershaft sprocket in place of the stock 17. More snap down low. First gear is slower for gravel roads and such, and 5th and 6th are now more usable below 70mph. Did a quick blast up to 115 (in 4th) for fun. Should have been geared like that from the factory.


Ewe turn me on
Dec 9, 2015
Up Norf
bbb did some off road on his. dunno if he changed or not. nice to be able to easily. mine, not so much.
good to hear yer gettin out a little.
almost a real winter here.
I dont think I did.
When on one trip it would have been nice, one nasty dirt hill, you were goin up or rollin down, lot of clutch work to make the top. pretty big bike for anythin worse than a gravel road. But it can be done, 650 would be a better choice for off road use. Was a good bike.
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