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May 9, 2012
My bro left his job of 25 years and started his own gun shop. Been shooting guns in the $2K - 3K range here lately :jawdrop:. He also invented something called W.O.R. and tried it out on a Tavor. :lol:
Dont know how much the .50cal is costing but he will have his own soon, instead of shooting a friends at the range.

Info from online stores (((The W.O.R. helps with the washout experienced when aiming the Mepro21 into a well lit area, from a dark area.
The light collector on the Mepro21 has dimmed the reticle from the lack of light in the immediate area, although a brighter reticle is needed when pointed from the "dark" area into a "bright" area. The W.O.R. solves the issue!

By installing the W.O.R. on the Mepro21, you can turn it on when a brighter reticle is needed. )))
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