PM Canadian 270


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Nov 6, 2013
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west coast of Canada
looks good, got most of its paint... lookin forward to yer thread...

It's not nearly as good as it looks.....

The paint was very loose, and I could strip about 1/4 of it with my finger..... LOL

It's going to be bead blasted, and I will share my trick to getting paint to stick well to mag.

It's Pre-Kote. It's an aviation surface treatment designed to replace the old chromic acid treatments. Unlike those, it works on all metals, aluminum, mag, anything! And it is virtually non hazardous. Air Canada and the USAF use it. $30 buys a quart of it in a spray bottle, enough to do 100 sqf (or so they claim). Degreaser parts before blasting, and as soon as they come out of blasting, spray Prekote, let it sit a minute or two, and rinse with water until it sheets evenly. Dry off, warm part slightly, and spray primer.

I got it from aircraft spruce and specialty.


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Oct 17, 2013
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Sexy, sexy thing.

On my short list. But, chance of one showing up around here is nill.

Growing up I used to run our neighbors 270, only one I ever handled. It was promised to me during that time but we eventually moved about 10 miles away and seldom seen each other, somehow the family forgot me when it came time to replace it with a more modern saw. When I finally asked them what had become of the 270 they told me they tossed it out cause it would not start anymore.....:cry:

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