Poll : New 435 or Used 266 XP ?!? Which one ?

Denis Gionet

Well-Known Member
Apr 17, 2012
Hearst, Ontario, Canada
I love my 435 to death, but it has a downfall.... it's a little saw. I've been ripping some planks lately and need a bigger saw. I've got a loaner 181, but a 16" bar, too short for the Alaskan II mill I've been using. The planks come out at close to a foot wide off the mill, and could be wider if I had more bar, I wouldn't have to square up the logs just to fit the rig in it.

I also cut firewood for the lake, for personal fire pit use, but I've been selling a few cords here and there. Not trying to turn it into a business, but for a few bucks here and there I don't mind.

If I gotta shell out some coin for a bar and chain on a saw I don't own, I'd almost rather shell out a hundred bucks extra and trade in the 435 for the 266XP, which already has a 18-incher on it. Granted it is used (local Husky dealership), a bit banged up and has little crack on the clutch cover, but if it runs like a 266 should, it will do everything I want, and only be a couple of pounds more than the 435.

What else should I check , and what's a used 266XP worth ? The 435 was $ 325 plus taxes. If I upgrade it'll cost me $ 100 more, plus I give back the 435. He's asking $300 for the 266.

Opinions please.... (and no Stihl options were offered in this deal, so don't go there ..... lol !)

Denis Gionet

Well-Known Member
Apr 17, 2012
Hearst, Ontario, Canada
I'd want an extremely nice saw in the 266 for $300. For around $400 you could probably find a used 372 that would make a far better milling saw.
Ha, not likely around here. I was impressed that he had ANY XP models used, and this was the only one he had.

I used its 18" bar and a new chain on the other borrowed 181 Husky I've got, did 3 planks in about 10 minutes, with some fooling around in between. Now THAT saw has the torque for milling.

Checked out the 266 and it's beat up. Bar is whipped, chain cover is cracked in behind at the bar tightening holes, couple of holes in the recoil housing. It starts and runs fine, but if it's gonna cost $200 in repairs before I use it, no thanks.

I'll mill what I've got with the 181 this weekend and give back all the other saws. I'll be done for the season anyway. I'll likely pick up my own 20" bar and chain for the 181 as I have access to it whenever I need it.
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