Ported MS261 vs. Black Walnut


~Ice Gangsta~
Jan 10, 2012
Parts Unknown
It was slow today at the shop so spent the afternoon out cutting firewood.

So me, the EHP ported MS261, and the 1970 Wheel Horse went out to the woods.

Saw taking a break for some more fuel, it guzzles the stuff. It was 15 out today so
had to richen it up a 1/4 turn high and low.

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~Ice Gangsta~
Jan 10, 2012
Parts Unknown
Ran through 5 tanks of fuel, and though Carlton semi chisel
won't win a race. But it was still cutting after a couple hours
cutting well frozen wood.


New Member
Jan 10, 2013
Looks good, will be breaking in the new saw in the morning. :happywink:


~Ice Gangsta~
Jan 10, 2012
Parts Unknown
What in the world happened to all those saws you had at the NWPA GTG I met you at. :eek3:
People make me offers I can't refuse. :splitting:

There's not enough variety of saw classes in NY and PA shows to need anything more than a
bikesaw, and piped production saw. There's only 2 shows I got to that have 5 cube classes anymore.

I even sold my 250 bikesaw to a brute of a kid named Gabe Darling who just barely missed
the Stihl series. Just not strong enough to hoist 65 pounds of saw quickly.

And the girlfriend and dog.
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New Member
Aug 9, 2012
I love those old Wheel Horses. The first I ever ran as a young lad was a 1963. I see no spill Jill sold you one of her cans. I would buy anything she would sell!'

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