Post the last pic you took with your phone


The Junk Peddler
Staff member
May 7, 2013
This should be interesting ,what is the last image you snapped on your cel ,post it up .

Mine is boring a pair of heads
460 heads 008.jpg
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Capt. Sunshine
Jul 31, 2013
Southern Minnesota
Well, OK, since it doesn't have to make sense.

Containers that rode next to the door in the trailer, for some reason the seal didn't keep 2" of rain in 5-7 minutes out at 50-60 mph. Since they were dry and clean under the wrap, they still passed inspection.

I think they are for baby formula. Some dried milk product in any case.
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Dec 28, 2013

1985 Toyota bj60 3.4L diesel with a Garrett turbo, new radiator and rebuilt injectors, plus a chit load of engine repairs like oil pan and tensioner bearings courtesy of our own Dieselfitter.

Thank you Tim!
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