Samsung Prototype flexible OLED phone


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Jan 10, 2012
Dude, wrong place I know but did you see the R&D article on Samsung's new multichannel tv? I can't find it anywhere. Basically while other manufacturers where trying to figure out 3D with out glasses, Samsung tested a tv with two tuners. Both viewers wear the glasses but instead of alternating images to create 3D, they create two simultaneous channels. One viewer sees and hears their selection while the other can watch what ever they want at the same time. I can't find the dang article!
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Jan 9, 2012
I'll be happy with my phone for a while, I'd much rather have the cell companies put forth some effort into getting better reception out there. I get into some places around here (not in the middle of nowhere) and I'm still stunned when I look at my phone and it's like WTF only 1 bar? Or even no service?

Anyway, a flexible phone sounds like something you can drop without much worry? I don't have time to read the article right now, I should actually be on my way to the shop right now but I ain't...... :facepalm:

And that TV sounds purdy sweeeeeeet! :rock2:


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Nov 5, 2012
I have Verizon and get really good reception in Maine. Wish I didn't sometimes. ;) Even in the middle of timber lands or blueberry barrens I have 3 or 4 bars.

I still have my old flip phone. It is a G'zOne that is supposed to be indestructible, but I have just about broke it in half.

The more technology moves forward, the more I go back and get to the basics. No cable, no video games, wood stove, etc. My plan is to be off grid in a house that I built in 15 years. There will be a moat and 12' tall fence to repel the zombies. :) Nothing like going bat ✖✖✖✖ crazy for a mid life crisis.
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