So after have one of those season ruining events has returned to my life.


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Jan 10, 2012
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AND the last time that happened was when mitchell made good reels! So on a trip to North Carolina on the shore..I had to buy the first fishing reel i've purchased in more than 25 years! Asked the shop owner the best "bang per buck" setup for my short time on the shore and farm ponds I have here ...Ended up with a Abu Garcia "Vendetta" rod and Penn Fierce reel. He said it was Salt Water rated but wud work fine when I got back home....and he was right. Really like the setup and have caught a bunch of fish this summer...SO

Curious about the subject, and wonder if branding in the angling world is similar to the saw world. What are the "Husky's and Stihls" of the fishing world? Looking to add a nice "lite" combination to the inventory. Really like the Penn reels I've since looked over..leaning towards going upscale past the Penn Battle 2500 to maybe an even better quality setup. have a few questions:

Aluminum vs. polymer/carbon fiber for reels (Don't mind the heavy solid feel of the Penn..yet)
When does the bearing number become a point of diminishing returns?....mine has a 4 plus 1 label. When I tore it down to clean it looked...really solid with larger bearings than I expected and effectively 3 supporting the spindle holding the spool....looked really over designed. But I can't complain as its silky smooth after a summer of reeling..
I used to like the Shimano brand and the "quick fire" feature on some of their earlier reels...they quit making those years ago I guess....why?

Best fishing line?

(I've learned that what worked for lures years ago still work today! So much for evolution! Fish are

Lots of questions. Interested in your perspectives.
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