Stihl 026 makeshift fuel tank vent


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Feb 7, 2012
Some of the older stihl 026's have crappy fuel tank vent designs. I have came across several like the one in the picture that were broken/leaking gas..

I made my own vent and thought I'd share it. I think it's more durable then the original.

This is how it started out. I'm holding the froken flap valve in my hand, all other pieces are missing which is indicative of this design.

I drilled a 1/4" hole in the center of the slot where the old vent was located.

Lastly, I stuffed a 5/16 OD hose with a 3/16 hose stuffed in it through the 1/4 inch hole. Put a couple of set screws in it and wa-la.
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