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Jan 9, 2012
My wood gitter. My buddy has a tree service, and I keep all his crunk running and he gives me most of the wood from his jobs. I have to be able to close my shop, get to his jobsites, and get back to the shop asap. So I ficksed up this stupid duty. I have less than two grand into it, including the brush paint job. The 460 uses as much oil as it does gas. :thumbsup:



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Jan 8, 2012
Upstate NY - Southern Tier
Those 460's are frikkin' power houses. A buddy of mine used to have an '84 ext. cab / ext. bed F-350 Custom with a 460 in it. It was a heavy old pig and it handled like it's suspension were made up of 2x4's but that thing had some serious balls. It was pretty funny seeing this big old rust bucket of a truck do a burnout with barely touching the gas, lol.

My FIL has a reg. cab ext. bed '87 F-350 with a 460 that he uses for plowing. Handles the same as the rest but OMG there's nothing that will stop the thing. It's a hawg of a truck for sure.... ;) :yup: