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Jun 20, 2014
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Okanagan , BC
D007 tail profile is a bit narrower than a D176/A176. Make sure this doesn't uncover the oiler slot or run the chain rivets against the bar pad or clutch cover. Most time's they're fine. You can use a D096/D196/UXL bar (later Homelite XL series and Poulans that have 3/8" studs rather than 5/16") with stud spacers.

The Windsor/Sandvik bar that's on your Echo now should be a UXL with stud spacers, as that's how the Windsor UXL pattern bars were used on 5/16" stud Poulans (4200/4400/4900/5400 and 245/306) as OEM. Windsor never made a bar that matches the D176, instead just including 'S' or ring type spacers.

The 1001 runs the 3/8" studs. Unlike every other Echo, it seems. UXL was the factory mount. I had an old Windsor mount chart. I want to say the first bar mounts for the P-series were listed as UXL. I can't find the dang file (chart) though. Most every other Echo and XL-1/super mini/76/130 I have came with UXL + stud spacers. A couple came with the crescent tip Oregons.

I have been on the lookout for a 32"+ UXL/x96 mount for awhile. Nothing local. 24" was the flavour on all my 9xx, 7xx finds. Longer bars on the coast, though.

I have an old 0.404" that came on an early 3-piece coil P-50 that is extra well buried. Long bar. Chore to get to, but maybe the mount D007 is a UXL (if my memory of that early Windsor chart was correct). Certainly way too big for the powerhead, but it has the Pioneer stencil on it. Assumed it were OEM at the time.

Time to clean up the shop so I can get to the dusty stuff.


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Aug 5, 2013
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My Echo CS-310 leaks a whole tank of bar oil when its sitting and not even being run. Loosening and tightening the oil tank cap doesn't do a bit of good. How can one fix it?
See if the check valve for the tank is still working . If it’s stuck open , the tank will gravity feed .
ereplacements has an ipl for that saw . The check valve is item 10 in the (A ) parts drawing .
it is on the same side as the oil cap .

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