The official 'Whatcha Burnin' 2012-2013 thread


Hand Rubbed Pork
Jan 9, 2012
It does seem very early for sure. I can't wait for the day soon where I buy a house and heat it with wood, this oil crap is for the birds. And apartment living is just not for me lol.

Dh 1984

Oct 14, 2012
Union county Tn
yeap we all burn wood.

right now i'm not burning nothing until the house start cooling off then i start one. my brother started one this morning and he like to have cooked me while i was a sleep. he had it over 109 degrees in here.

Dh 1984

Oct 14, 2012
Union county Tn
Your brother rather sounds like he should be strapped down most of the time and have life's most basic tasks performed for him.
no the brother that built the fire this morning was my oldest. And he gets cold real easy.

No the one that messed up my 028 wood boss he is my younger brother and he's kind of in the stage done it all and seen it all.

I got 2 brothers older then me and two younger so i kinda stuck in the middle of them LOL
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