The SP80 is up and running


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Feb 15, 2013
North Country New York
Did this vid tonight. Still needs a bit of carb work but I am pretty happy with how it is running and cutting right now.

<iframe src="//" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>
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Jan 20, 2013
Maybe I should get the SP80 ported and throw the 660 in the river?

660's are a fine saw. Either one would be a great ported saw, but in my opinion the Mac would have a little more cool factor. ;)

Get whichever saw you use the most ported. If it's an 044, or an 026 for that matter. If it's your 660, then you definitely want it ported.


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Jan 9, 2012
Say what? I don't remember it running at all when it left your house. Don't you have some free chainsaw to go polish?

I tried to get the camera away and use the zoom but maybe it was still too close. Its pretty loud to begin with. I will have to do it different next time.

It's ok, I bought the speakers from the Maxwell commercials and can't figure out how to turn the system down.


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May 7, 2013
sounds nice and tourqie ,is that a word ? well i like tourque ,could give a chit about a hi speed chain that don't bite in ,did i mention i like tourque
Well quite frankly for its' age and displacement any of the 81 cc Mccullochs can still hold their own. However I doubt seriously if you can get one to out gun a well tuned or modified 066 .

In good tune they can handle with ease 32" of bar buried in hard oak but there really isn't much a person could do as far as reporting one .A little work perhaps on the exhaust .The early models of the 850,the Sp-81,Sp 80 have the more desirable muffler design .The later 850's,805 have a forked up design as far as expelling the exhaust .

Now you can pull the baffle plate and gain some but that thing will blow your ear drums out .

I've got two of this design ,an 805 with a early 850 engine and an SP -81 .Plus enough parts providing I can find an "A" sized piston to build up another one.
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