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Oct 22, 2012
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Ryan K.: Hi, my name is Ryan K.. How may I help you?
Tom M.: My ps3 was running fine. Picked up GTA V yesterday and tried to play it. Putting the game in forced me to update to 4.46. Installed GTA V and played for about 5 minutes. Now my ps3 won't recognize discs.
Tom M.: I have also tried to update using a USB drive. No change.
Ryan K.: I see, Tom. I'd be happy to look into this for you today.
Ryan K.: I would like to fully troubleshoot your system by recreating the issue; We may have some steps we can try to resolve this problem. Are you currently with your system?
Tom M.: FWIW, the blue tooth remote was also affected by this update.
Tom M.: Let's do it.
Ryan K.: Alright. I am going to need the model and serial number of your console. Please turn your PS3 around and look for the white barcode label located on the back of your unit. Please give me all of the numbers located on that label beginning with the letter "C", or "A".
Tom M: cf345607629-cechp01
Ryan K.: Thank you for that information. Now, could you please turn your system on without a disc inside, and can you please tell me what color your power light is, and what your power light is doing? (flashing, solid color, etc.)
Tom M.: solid green
Ryan K.: Ok, do you see and hear the system start up and does the unit reach the XMB (main menu)?
Tom M.: yes and yes
Ryan K.: Alright. If you can, please insert a disc into the PS3. If there is a specific disc that is not working properly, insert that one. Tell me exactly what happens when you try loading your game or movie.
Tom M.: inserted a DVD. The "working/clock" icon spins to acknowledge that there is a disc in the machine, but nothing else. The normal sound of the disc drive spinning is gone.
Ryan K.: Can you select the disc in the XMB and load it?
Tom M.: No, it doesn't show in the menu.
Ryan K.: I see, do you have a Blu-ray movie that we can try now?
Tom M.: I'm looking
Ryan K.: Alright.
Tom M.: Same result
Ryan K.: I am very sorry Tom, But based on the symptoms that you have provided, your system will need to be serviced as there are no additional troubleshooting steps that we can provide.
Ryan K.: In order for me to determine what options we have available for you, could you please provide me with your physical shipping address?
Tom M: ------address removed-------
Ryan K.: How long have you had your PS3?
Tom M.: why would a software update cause me to need to send my unit in?
Tom M.: i honestly have no clue.
Ryan K.: No problem. I can understand how frustrating this may be. Although your issues may have started after installing an update, our software updates are thoroughly tested before release to ensure they will not cause any issues with your PS3 system.
Tom M.: except when they cause it to not read disc any more, which effectively renders it useless?
Ryan K.: I understand how it may seem that the update caused this issue with your system. However, please keep in mind that if there was an error within the update, then every PS3 that updated would exhibit the same symptoms.
Tom M.: Ever googled "ps3 4.46 won't detect discs"? I have, this doesn't seem to be an isolated incident.
Ryan K.: I would like to take a moment to discuss the reports you are seeing on the Internet. The Internet, while an amazing tool, can also act as a filter. A very small number of consumers who experience an issue can make an error that a very small amount of customers experience seem much more widespread than it truly is.
Ryan K.: I do understand how prevalent an issue can seem when you are viewing it in these circumstances. However, we have not seen any indication these systems were (or even could have been) damaged by firmware updates.
Tom M.: So now you're telling me that I'm imagining my problem?
Ryan K.: No, I am telling you that the update did not damage your system.
Ryan K.: Since your console is out of our original one year warranty, a repair fee of $99+taxes would be required, which includes shipping. When we service our systems, you are guaranteed to receive a working PS3 system, and a 90 day service warranty. Would you like to set the console up for service now?
Tom M.: Do what? Please explain what hardware component mysteriously failed, within 5 minutes of me updating, that took out my disc reader and the Bluetooth sensor.
Ryan K.: Unfortunately, the information available for consumer services does not include a detailed explanation on what might have caused this issue. The only way to determine what is wrong is to have the Service Center properly diagnose and service the console.
Tom M.: So, you have no clue what's wrong, but the one thing you're sure of is that it's not your fault?
Ryan K.: If there was an issue with the update, then we would know what is wrong with it. Since there is no issues with the update, the system needs to be serviced by out technicians to fix your system.
Tom M.: How would you know? You seem to ignore people when they tell you they have a problem caused by the update.
Ryan K.: If there was an issue with the update, then EVERY PS3 system that updated would have the same issue as you. Since other PS3 system were able to update just fine, there is no issue with the update that was released.
Tom M.: Are you seriously trying to tell me that software glitches are never random and that if one unit is affected, every single unit will be affected?
Ryan K.: The information available to us does not say that this is a common issue with PS3 system. If you want to have your system serviced, you can also create your own service ticket at your convenience by visiting:
Ryan K.: I hope I have assisted you with your questions today. I will be disconnecting this chat session. Thanks for contacting PlayStation Chat Support.
Tom M.: Any chance I can speak to your supervisor?
Ryan K.: My supervisor will tell you the exact same thing I told you.
Tom M.: Perfect, go get them.
Ryan K.: Alright, one moment then.
Necoline A. has joined the chat.
Necoline A.: Hello Tom, my name is Necoline, and I am a supervisor with PlayStation Chat Support. How can I assist you today?
Tom M.: Ryan tells me that I am imagining the issues caused by updating my software to 4.46 and that I have some magical hardware issue.
Necoline A.: I definitely understand your concern that the firmware update and this problem with your PS3 occurred around the same time. I am very sorry that you are experiencing problems with the sytsem; however, it is most likely a coincidence that these have both occurred at the same time.
Tom M.: Oh, and that I should pay $100 for you guys to fix a problem your update caused.
Tom M.: I don't believe in coincidence.
Tom M.: It worked fine, I updated. It no longer works. Where's the coincidence?
Necoline A.: While there is a very remote possibility that the firmware somehow caused this issue, it is not a very likely cause. If the firmware itself were the cause, we would be seeing many more consumers with this problem.
Tom M.: Really? What's the other likely cause?
Necoline A.: It is possible that a problem occurred during the download or installation of the firmware, but this would either be from the system itself or your network connection.
Necoline A.: However, the most likely cause is a hardware failure that happened to coincide with this firmware update.
Tom M.: I agree, it is a hardware failure that was caused by the update. What are you planning to do about it?
Necoline A.: At this time, you are welcome to set up service on the console; however, there will be a fee for the repair. Even in the case that the firmware somehow caused this issue, there is no warranty on the software itself. If your console is outside the manufacturer's original warranty, the service fee will apply.
Tom M.: So, Sony pushes out software that kills my machine and somehow it's up to me to pay for their mistake?
Necoline A.: As I have explained, if this were an issue with the firmware, we would not bee seeing just 1 case but hundreds or thousands. In this case, I cannot connect the firmware itself to the problem you are experiencing.
Necoline A.: Since your system is outside the warranty period, a service fee will apply.
Tom M.: So, I'm the only person that has had this problem?
Necoline A.: From the problem you have described, this is not an issue that most PS3 users are likely to experience.
Necoline A.: Your system was purchased almost 5 years ago, and we aren't able to offer free service for your system. I am very sorry.
Tom M.: I never asked for a free service.
Tom M.: Is your supervisor available?
Necoline A.: There is no further escalation available through chat.
Tom M.: What's their number and who do I ask for, specifically?
Necoline A.: I am very sorry, but I am not able to provide you with a direct number, or the name of a specific individual.
Necoline A.: Please let me know what it is you would like, and I would be happy to see if there is something we can do.
Tom M.: Why? I'm quite certain you have a supervisor and I would like to speak with them.
Tom M.: I'd like a working machine, just like I had before updating.
Necoline A.: In that case, the option available is service.
Tom M.: And your supervisor's name?
Necoline A.: I am unable to provide you with the name of a specific supervisor. However, if there is something specific you would like with the service, I would be happy to discuss it with you.
Tom M.: I would like your supervisor, whoever is directly above you in the chain of command.
Tom M.: Sony seems like a pretty big company, I bet there is a very specific protocol for who is in charge.
Necoline A.: I am very sorry, Tom. There is no further escalation available through chat. Please let me know what you would like us to do for you, and I would be happy to assist.
Tom M.: I understand that, I understood it the first time you wrote it. You seem to have trouble understanding that I am asking for your immediate supervisor's name and phone number.
Necoline A.: I do understand you would like this information. However, I am unable to provide this. I would be happy to provide our corporate address, if you would like.
Tom M.: Your supervisor is in the customer service/support division, correct?
Necoline A.: I cannot provide you with that information. Tom, if there is something you would like me to ask of my supervisor, I would be happy to do so. Please let me know what it is you would like assistance with.
Tom M.: Sure, ask them to let you give me their phone number.
Necoline A.: Is there anything else we can assist with?
Tom M.: A name and number, you just said you'd ask them anything I wanted.
Necoline A.: I did state that, but as I have explained, this is information we are not able to provide. If there is something else you would like, I would be happy to discuss it with them.
Tom M.: Okay, ask your supervisor to log on to the chat.
Necoline A.: Again, there is not further escalation available through chat. If you have no other questions for us today, I will have to end this chat.
Tom M.: You're really refusing to give me a number of your supervisor, who is in the customer service department?
Necoline A.: I would be happy to provide you with the corporate address, if you would like to write.
Tom M.: Customer service telling the customer that they can't talk to customer service, brilliant.
Necoline A.: Please use the address below:

ATTN: Correspondence
PO BOX 5888
SAN MATEO, CA 94402-0888
Tom M.: Believe me, I will be writing and attaching this chat.
Tom M.: You might want to start prepping your résumé, I can't imagine this is how customer service issues are supposed to be resolved per corporate policy.
Necoline A.: You stated that you do not want free service, but just want a working console. I would love to assist you, but I need to understand what you would like assistance with.

If you would like to set up service, we can certainly contact you via phone to set this up. If you would like another solution to the issue with your console, I would be happy to discuss one with you.
Necoline A.: As I have mentioned, escalating this further, through chat, is not an option available, however.
Tom M.: How do I un-update?
Necoline A.: There is not a way to un-update or roll back the firmware.
Tom M.: Oh, well then, let me here the extensive list of other solutions, that you just mentioned.
Tom M.: I'm quite certain you just said you have other solutions, let's see them.
Necoline A.: After going through the troubleshooting steps with Ryan, we have determined that this system is in need of repair. We can set up repair on the console.

There is also the option to purchase a new PS3. In this case, the system would be covered with a new one year manufacturer's warranty.
Tom M.: What needs repair?
Necoline A.: Your PS3 is in need of repair. As our Service Technicians would have to examine the system, in order to determine what is in need of repair, we are unable to provide you with the specific part in need of repair.
Tom M.: If you have no clue what's wrong with it how do you determine that it needs service
Necoline A.: Your system will not read discs, after fully troubleshooting, the same problem exists. This indicates that the problem exists with the hardware and the system needs repair. It's a matter of eliminating the other possible solutions.
Tom M.: The problem exists after the update, this indicates that the problem is with the firmware. Eliminate that possibility first.
Necoline A.: Whether the problem is coincidence or firmware related, the system is in need of repair.
Tom M.: It's ridiculous to throw hardware at a problem without first eliminating the software as a possible cause. If your car radio quit working and the mechanic told you he was going to replace the transmission in order to eliminate that as a possible cause would you pay for that?
Necoline A.: For example, the air conditioner in my car stopped working. It was an issue with the control unit. Because of the way software works on this unit, replacing the unit was the only solution.

It is the same with your PS3. There is no way to roll back the firmware to determine if this was the cause. You are welcome to wait for another update before sending the system for repair, but this would prevent you from having a working system, in the meantime.
Necoline A.: If you would like to have a working PS3 more quickly, either repair or purchase of a new unit are the only options available.
Tom M.: If you took it in to have serviced and they told you that they updated to the newest and best refrigerant and as soon as you drove off the lot your a/c quit working completely. You went back and they told you that it was just a coincidence and you had to buy a completely new a/c system. Sound like a plausible scenario?
Tom M.: Chalk it up to bad luck and hand over your wallet?
Necoline A.: Tom, I understand your feelings in this matter, and it is your decision to have the system serviced, wait for a newer version of firmware, or replace the system. If you would like a more immediate solution I recommend paying for repair. However, the decision is yours.
Tom M.: So, your saying that they are working on a firmware that will fix these issues?
Necoline A.: Since there is not an issue with the firmware, we are not working on a firmware to fix it. However, if you would like to determine, on your own, that firmware is not the issue, you are welcome to install a newer version to test the system.
Necoline A.: Because a newer version is not currently available, you will need to wait until one is released. We don't have a specific time frame on when that will be.
Tom M.: You're saying that the firmware is perfect and that it is impossible for there to be any issues with it?
Necoline A.: Again, if the issue were with the firmware, there would be more consumers contacting us with the same issue you are experiencing. Also, one of the 100 or so PS3s here may have experienced the issue.
Necoline A.: Since we have not seen any of this, the issue would not lie with the firmware itself.
Tom M.: Okay, I guess I'll have to check if anyone else is having this issue. What's he easiest way to do that, just post this chat on as many different sites as possible? That would reach the broadest cross section of users, correct?
Necoline A.: There is always a possibility that there was an issue during the download of your firmware, or a problem with the installation on your system. This is not something that most PS3 users, even with the same model, have experienced. The most likely cause is a hardware failure.
Necoline A.: If you would like to determine this is the case, you are welcome to wait for the next version of firmware. If the system still has the same problem after updating, then the issue is hardware related.
Tom M.: Hardware failure caused by the software, I don't disagree.
Necoline A.: Tom, can we help you set up service today?
Tom M.: For a $100 extortion fee? No, thanks.
Necoline A.: Alright, are there any other questions I can assist you with?
Tom M.: A customer service phone number?
Necoline A.: Phone support is available from 6:00AM to 10:00PM Pacific Time, 7 days a week at 1-800-345-7669.
Tom M.: The name of your supervisor?
Necoline A.: Again, this is not information I can provide, Tom. I am very sorry.
Tom M.: Very well. I would guess this incident will come up again.
Necoline A.: I hope I have assisted you with your questions today. I will be disconnecting this chat session. Thanks for contacting PlayStation Chat Support.
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Oct 22, 2012
Fredericksburg, Va
So what ever happend with that deal?
With Sony Playstation customer service? Zip, they won't let you speak to anyone who makes decisions. I emailed another guy at Sony, turns out he was the VP of some part of the TV division. He said the same thing. You can get in touch with almost anyone at any of the other Sony companies, just not the Playstaion division. I think he was on a business trip in Southeast Asia when he responded to me.

As far as the PS3, I swapped the bluray drive and it was back to working. It still won't recognize the regular style remote, but the game controller operates fine. One Bluetooth device works and the other doesn't, what a coincidence. :facepalm:


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So your last name is Wrenfield?



I need it fir Sony customer support.
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Jan 10, 2012
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You Sir, have more patience that I do.
I would have lost it about half way down the first chat session.
I read the entire thing and no swear words? WTF..

You are alot better at communication than most..
Me fore sure...

Yeah, cause Toms well known for his patience.


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Oct 22, 2012
Fredericksburg, Va
You Sir, have more patience that I do.
I would have lost it about half way down the first chat session.
I read the entire thing and no swear words? WTF..

You are alot better at communication than most..
Me fore sure...

That whole conversation transpired while my baby girl was asleep on my chest, I was just chillin' in the recliner for a couple hours.