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Aug 5, 2013
West Sunbury Pa.
Put back rotors and pads on a neighbors ranger ,helped the BIL set up a diesel tank for his genset . Square ground a couple of chains . Took the Labs for a walk in in the woods .
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Dec 9, 2015
Up Norf
I had spotted a few 12inch x 20ft and less fir logs left at a landing right beside the road.
So on the way to the cabin I nabbed bout 1/2 cord in ma utility trailer.
Some rounds were green,,,little heavy,,
Used my 350 husky, pleased with it, think I did a no epa meteor slug a MM& BG delete on it.
Then crossing a cattle guard with a big lip both leaf springs broke,,,,fffaaarrrkkkk.
So unloaded the trailer, I lifted it up at the rear and the hand brake put a round under the corner.
I then split a 6 inch round and shoved it between the axle/spring perch and frame, did both sides.
Reloaded 3/4 of the wood. Made it home safely.
I should know better on cattle guards,,:banghead::facepalm:

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