Who's having a drink?

Jimmy in NC

Mill Monkey
Aug 27, 2013
Where tobacco is a vegtable
In reality, most would consider Patron or Cuervo high dollar stuff, and it ain't as cheap as the stuff most places put in a margarita.
But it ain't the better stuff either.
Very true. Had a good buddy that would drink some stuff... $150/bottle was normal. Perry had disposable income like no other. He showed me good tequilla... I cannot afford it.

Steve NW WI

Converted to the Dark Side
Aug 3, 2013
Star Prairie, WI
Good tequila is really good and a totally different experience than the cheap Jose that most call tekillya.

Beam and coke tonight.
Absolutely. I had a friend go to Mexico for work, he came back with a bottle of the good stuff one of the contractors bought him. It was $100 US in Mexico, dunno what it would cost in a store here. The only thing it had in common with Jose, Patron, etc was the tequila name.

On the rare occasions I drink the hard stuff, it's either JD single barrel, local distillery's vodka, or the occasional Captain and coke in one friend's garage.

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